58 of New York’s 10,000+ firefighters and officers are women. $77 MILLION has been spent on women’s bathrooms and locker rooms since 2002.

The start of the article in the New York Post: The FDNY is taking one more step toward diversifying its ranks: the completion of women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in…

Source: 58 of New York’s 10,000+ firefighters and officers are women. $77 MILLION has been spent on women’s bathrooms and locker rooms since 2002.


Rolling Stone, publisher, author found liable for defamation with malice in relation to an article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia

Our thanks to David for this. He writes: Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin-Erdely was found guilty of 6 counts of defamation with malice. So the good news is that Rubin-Erdley’s journalist…

Source: Rolling Stone, publisher, author found liable for defamation with malice in relation to an article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia


How well qualified are the organizations and members in the Men & Boys Coalition to provide and promote solutions to individual issues affecting men and boys?

From the About us page of the Men & Boys Coalition (henceforth MBC): We will, where possible, assist members of the media to find relevant facts and research or signpost them towards profession…

Source: How well qualified are the organizations and members in the Men & Boys Coalition to provide and promote solutions to individual issues affecting men and boys?


Fight for equality under the law

There is a political storm brewing that is a relief from the arguments over Brexit, the leadership of the Party and the UK’s trading future. Oddly, though, it is a storm that is finding allies among the Labour Party and some dissidents in the Conservative Party.

In June, Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, gave a conference talk on what he termed the Justice Gender Gap. Repeating much of a speech in parliament in 2014 but also expanding on the topic and updating his research, he disclosed yet again how the justice system treats men and women differently.

Davies quoted from public data, government sources, and information provided by the Commons Library. The data he presented clearly showed that, far from the belief still being perpetuated in political, social and legal circles, it is men who are being treated more harshly than women by the judicial system, and that this is true of every main crime category and age group.

The leader of major political parties have all condemned Philip Davies.

It is not just the evidence Mr. Davies presented that they don’t like. He also categorised the kind of people he has observed as responsible for the continuing lies that women — who only account for 5% of the prison population [10] — are the ones more harshly treated by the justice system. He said “I want to be very clear that I don’t |believe that there is actually an issue between men and women. I think the problem is being stirred up by those who could be described as militant feminists and the politically correct males who pander to this nonsense,” and “feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it.”

Note that Philip did not mention other political parties, he also does not see women, or gender relations, as the issue. He simply mentioned his thoughts that it is militant, or zealot, feminists who cause the issue for men not getting equal justice with women. So why, we might wonder, do the leaders of all other major parties condemn him? Are they controlled by the militant feminists?

Why are women around the country mocking Mr Davies by publishing selfies of themselves eating cake, and holding cake-eating events? Do those women all identify as feminist zealots, or is it that they dislike their fathers, brothers and sons so much that they poor scorn on a man who is standing up for equality under the law?

Erin Pizzey, world founder of women’s refuges, said of Philip Davies “I welcome him .. this is the first time anybody from parliament has arrived to give support to male victims of domestic violence and I think it should be celebrated.” She also stated of Davies “He is a brave and honest man and deserves our support.”

Government statistics show that a higher proportion of men than women will be remanded into custody. Of those remanded – still legally innocent – a higher proportion will be remanded immediately.

Not only are men are more likely to be jailed for the same kind of crime than women, they are going sentenced to longer in prison and males serve more of their sentence in prison than females.

Studies have been examined to determine if the gender difference is because of the seriousness of the crimes committed. It was discovered, for examples, that shoplifters were more likely to be jailed if they are male and female drug offenders were far less likely to be jailed than their male counterparts.

One of the excuses for sentencing women less is that women have children to look after yet two-thirds of mothers that are jailed are not even caring for their children and women can be excused jail entirely on the basis that they have children in their care, even when they are convicted of child abuse! Sarah Salmon of Action for Prisoners’ Families has said: “For some families the mother going into prison is a relief because she has been causing merry hell.” No consideration is given to the 180,000 children separated from their imprisoned fathers.

Another myth exploded by the facts is that most women are in jail just for some petty crime. 78% of the women in prison are serving a sentence of over one year, meaning they have had to be sentenced by a crown court for a serious crime. Some of the remaining 22% might also have been sentenced for a serious crime but be benefitting from the general leniency towards women.

Philip Davies represents the people in one small corner or England but the statistics he reveals are those for the country. The UK is not alone in having inequality between men and women under the law but could, if it chose, lead the way again on human rights.

There is an empathy gap against males (which is even more generally notable in men than it is in women) which makes it hard for us all to care about those times when men & boys in our society are discriminated. It shows up in our treatment of them by police and legislatures; it is clear from the lack of interest in young men trying to get educated (where women have for decades been getting more degrees yet still get sex-specific assistance to do better); it is becoming worryingly obvious from the numbers of fathers pushed out of their children’s lives, causing long term harm not only to them but to their children as well; and the empathy gap is possibly most easily illustrated by the reaction to Boko Haram, who kidnapped, shot and burnt alive thousands of boys and young men with barely an international murmur but created a worldwide furore by kidnapping 276 girls.

The radical feminists who would urge everyone else to follow their path of continuing to destroy the family unit, who will lie outright about the justice system, and will openly distort the call for women’s rights are calling for Philip Davies to be silenced, or booted from his Party, or even to be banned from representing his constituents. The empathy for women, even criminals, outweighs any concern for general society or for the children of parents who might be better locked away than corrupting the family further.

There are media articles, open letters and petitions berating Philip Davies. It is sometimes hard to see for what exactly. The likes of Labour’s Baroness Corston have not helped with statements such as there being “indisputable evidence that women are treated by the courts more harshly.” This is the same Labour peer who was commissioned to report on female (only) treatment in the justice system and repeated that “Equality does not mean treating everyone the same.” More than one source has since stated baldly that ‘Baroness Corston is demonstrably LYING’.

The deceivers, the sexists, the feminists who would radicalise our society have had a big voice in the media and elsewhere.

There is a reason why Philip Davies is treated with careful respect by most in the Conservative Party. Despite being the Party’s biggest rebel MP and often rubbing people up the wrong way, he is also one of the most dedicated researchers, who questions everything cautiously and speaks with the authority of fact. This, it seems, is too much for his detractors, those with the loud voices and false ideologies.

There is a petition arranged to show that the politically ‘correct’ yobs are not the only voice in Britain. As a way of illustrating that politicians should be behaving with greater integrity and be willing to stand up for fairness & justice, the petition is a quick way for any of us to make our voice heard over the rabble who care nothing for equality under the law, nor for the victims of crime regardless of the sex of the criminal. So powerful is the radicalised lobby against equality that a website which hosted a petition to call for his resignation blocked a similarly-worded petition to promote him.

While Mr. Davies has made it clear in the past that he wishes to remain a backbencher, the working petition calls for support in strong terms: to “Approve and promote Philip Davies MP.”

In signing that petition — and asking others to do the same — we can play a small but active part in saying that we want a fair and just society where the voice of reason carries a greater weight than than the screaming of repressive dogma.